Since 2015, English 1 International Educational Services has given back to the community in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Gina – Mexico

We offer a scholarship to a Mexican National in each TESOL class.They must have good spoken English and also be ready to give back to their community after they receive their TESOL Certificate. Gina now teaches English to women making and selling their own jewelry.  She also edited a book for us that is specifically for Spanish speakers wishing to learn English for tourism.  It was first written in 1998 and will be in print again in 2020!

Alvaro was already a volunteer at Volcanes Community Project when he became a scholarship recipient.  After taking the course he applied and was accepted as an English teaching assistant at one of the local public schools.

Alex was a scholarship student in Puerto Vallarta in the fall of 2017. He is now working fulltime at a private bilingual school and his students love him!

We also support the Volcanes Education Project and the Boca de Tomatlan Community Education Project by promoting volunteerism and sponsoring teens who have chosen to stay in school and work hard.

Isamar is the student we are currently sponsoring. She was accepted into medical school in January 2019 to do her training as a Nurse Practitioner. She will enter her second year soon.


To donate to the Boca de Tomatlan BECAS – http://www.casajojofoundation.org/becas-scholarships-for-students.html or through the Puerto Vallarta Rotary Club. To get more information about the Boca de Tomatlan program private message Cynthia Leigh on the facebook site, boca de tomatlan community education sight or send a message to her at www.bestinnboca.com

To donate to the Volcanes BECAS – Looked after by the Puerto Vallarta Rotary Club. To download the form to donate go to  http://vallartasur.com/data/documents/Becas-Contribution-Form-2013.pdf  You can also make donations through the Saskatoon Rotary Club in Saskatchewan, Canada. For more information on donating or helping out, contact Art at artfumerton@gmail.com or check the  http://www.volcanesproject.com/

Both programs also have Facebook pages.

Why do we give back to the community?

We want to promote cultural awareness between Canada,

the USA, and Mexico

      and other international countries!


1st Canada Class

Some History

The TESOL course was first taught in Canada starting in 2012.  We worked mainly with Korean and other Asian students wishing to learn English. In January 2015 we started teaching the course in Mexico. We offered a different type of TESOL course where students could actually be immersed in the culture. Two years ago Michelle, a well qualified ESL/ EAL teacher from Denver, CO, put the TESOL course online to make it even more available. Lee Rose, a English teacher in Puerto Vallarta, took over the online course so Michelle could go forward with other work. Our online course is now internationally accredited.

Teaching the course in Mexico has opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the understanding about the necessity of locals in Mexico learning English to make their lives better.  There are many jobs available for the locals if they can speak English in Puerto Vallarta, which is a very popular tourist destination.  Many of our TESOL grads volunteer their time with organizations to teach English while they are living in Puerto Vallarta over the winter.

Cynthia and Kids


The volunteer director for Boca de Tomatlan, Cynthia,  moved from Canada to Mexico a few years ago. She also teaches the ESL program at the primary school in Boca as well as the TESOL Program. English 1 International promotes doing practicum placements to the TESOL Grads at the school in Boca. The money for the practicum placement goes directly to the teachers at the Community Education Project in Boca….. (as it will in Volcanes)


Students Socializing

The course we give in Kelowna, Canada prepares the TESOL students to work with International adults who come from all over the world to learn English.  We also do a virtual classroom experience with children at Volcanes during the course.  A percentage of each registration from the English 1 International TESOL Certificate Course in Canada also goes back to the Mexican programs.


For more information about any of our programs, contact us through this website or email us directly at  english1international@gmail.com