Melissa from Canada

“English 1 International in Kelowna, Canada was a great company to take my TESOL course with. I loved the small class sizes, and it was good to have some experience teaching in an actual classroom.  English 1 has helped me to achieve my dream of teaching and traveling.”  Update July 2019 – Melissa spent a year teaching in Chili! 

Alvaro from Mexico


All I can say is how grateful I am to everyone that’s a part of the TESOL Certification program. Words aren’t enough to express myself. Update 2019 – I’m working at a kindergarten teaching English full time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


Amanda - Puerto Vallarta

Amanda from Canada


“I got my TESOL Certification through English 1 International in Mexico.  I wasn’t even finished my course and I was offered a teaching position with teenagers and adults Update 2019 – Amanda is now teaching online.


English 1 International TESOL certification class was a life changer and has since opened doors that I didn’t

Lisa from Mexico

know were possible for me at that time.  I am an expat living in Puerto Vallarta and I am now successfully teaching on-line thanks to Susan and this course of study. I would highly recommend her course! Update 2019 – Lisa is teaching English online!

Charlynn – USA

“English 1 International Educational Services provides an excellent TESOL certification course. It is intense at a  professional level, yet fun.I highly recommend this course to anyone considering TESOL certification.”  Update 2019 – Charlynn continues to teach ESL Remedial Reading and tutored students in Puerto Vallarta. 

Gina - Mexico

Gina from Mexico

“Being a TESOL student has been one of the best experiences I have ever had!  Gina was a graduate of our first class in Puerto Vallarta in 2015.  Update 2019 – Gina is still teaching English to adults in Puerto Vallarta and Spanish online. 

Petra – from Czech Republic


Petra – “My experience with the instructors of the TESOL course has been nothing but great. They will do their very best every day for the whole group as well as individual students. Taking the TESOL course and obtaining the certification opened up my future work and career options, I made new friends and learned many great tips to be a better tutor. Highly recommended”