Petra – Czechia

“My experience with the TESOL course in Puerto Vallarta was nothing but great. The instructor did her very best every day for the whole group as well as for individual students. Taking the TESOL course and obtaining the certification opened up my future work and career options, I made new friends and learned many great tips to be a better tutor. Highly recommended.”

In July 2020, Petra also took the Online TESOL Course and received her international accreditation through ICOES. She is  teaching English online and living in Spain.




Other Evaluations from the TESOL Course

Q. What were your goals in the TESOL course and did the course meet those goals?

A. My goals were to learn and utilize tools with techniques to become an ESL/ EAL teacher for students of all ages and diverse countries. The course covered more than I thought it would and greatly expanded my existing experiences.

Q. What did you think about the Module on Cultural Awareness?

A. Informative, broad, and eye opening!

Q. We prepare you to instruct both Adult and Children ELLs (English Language Learners).  Was that goal reached for you?

A. I learned many strategies, especially for children aged 5 to 9.  Also, becoming aware of the cultural etiquette will definitely prepare me to work with adults.

We are happy to put you in touch with TESOL grads if you wish to ask them about the experiences they have had after receiving their TESOL Certificate.