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Volcanes English Project

“Go to School – Stay in School – Dream Big!”

     Volcanes Community Education Project is a program offering a number of educational opportunities to children and adults in one of the poorest areas of Puerto Vallarta. The children in Volcanes and surrounding area attend the local public school, which is next door to the building where the Volcanes Community Education Project operates many of their programs, including the English program.

Before (or after) their regular public school classes (given all in Spanish) children, teens, (and also parents!) can also attend a free English program which is available for grade 2 students and up. If a child makes that choice to attend the English program they have to also be prepared to help out as needed (cleaning classrooms, raking the lawn, sweeping,recycling, etc.) about 1 hour a week. They learn English skills in a fun and interactive environment which promotes everyday English use.

After grade 6 they can continue with the program and can also apply for sponsorship to help with their expenses in the higher grade levels. In order to get sponsorship, they must maintain an 8.5 grade level in their Spanish studies and continue to give back to the community, as well as show regular attendance in the English program. The sponsorship program has also extended to university students now, who have continued on with their education after Volcanes.

The program originally started just over 5 years ago with 80 students and has expanded to include over 300 students. There is also a parent’s group learning English as well as a large teen group.

The Volcanes Community Education English program has also started a remedial reading program to help the children learn to read in their own language first (Spanish) before learning English.  It is only one of the extra programs that is now operating.  The following is a list of other successful projects that have started and it doesn’t stop there..

  • Orchestra Program
  • Computer Program
  • Gardening Program
  • Food and Lunch Program
  • Teen Sponsorship Program

And it doesn’t stop there!  The wish list is always growing and the first on that list is to develop an English Remedial Reading Program. The past director of the English Program, Mayra Fumerton, worked on that to happen!  She started a Spanish Remedial Reading Program. The current director, Victor, has continued her work. For more information on the Volcanes Community Education Project check out their Facebook page or their website

English 1 International Educational Services works with Volcanes to put on the TESOL Course out at Volcanes occasionally.  The TESOL students get the opportunity to plan and present lessons in an actual classroom.

For more information about how you can help at Volcanes, contact us at